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Deepen your knowledge and skills in Inner Child Therapy and Analytical Hypnotherapy

Dr Tom Barber and Dr Sandra Westland help you elevate your expert status through further in depth study in The Inner Child & Analytical Hypnotherapy Resource Hub . You will be able to study in detail how different approaches, methods and techniques work so that you can refine your skills and become even more effective in your delivery of Inner Child Therapy and Hypnoanalysis work.

In over 8 hours of video instruction, Presentation Slides and Verbatim Session Scripts, which are optimised for PC and all Mobile formats (tablets, phones), we include an exploration at the beginning so you can see how the techniques are moved into in a seamless way. Also included are Session Process Reports, which describe the internal thinking process behind the therapist's interventions, explaining why they said and did what they did. This is a rare and invaluable learning aid.

In this powerful resource hub you will learn from a variety of different methods, including:

  • Inner Child and Analytical Hypnotherapy Masterclass, presented in London by Dr Tom Barber and Dr Sandra Westland.
Part 1 - The Adult Self, The Parent, The Authentic Child, The Protectors, The Exiles.
Part 2 - Abandonment Depression, Self-Abandonment Cycle, The Higher Self, Qualities for The Therapist, Blending and Un-blending.
Part 3 - The 3 Level Healing Process, Accessing Parts, Healing Exiles, Working with Childhood Memories, Reparenting an Exile, Retrieving an Exile, Unburdening, Re-purposing the Protector, Grieving as the Final Stage.

  • Analytical Hypnotherapy Session 1 - In this session Dr Sandra Westland takes her client through a session of Analytical Hypnotherapy to work with his feelings about being in groups of people, which trigger off memories of bullying from childhood

  • Analytical Hypnotherapy Session 2 - Dr Tom Barber takes his client through a session of Analytical Hypnotherapy to get to the deeper roots of her lingering feelings of ‘waiting for something’, which lead to further feelings of vulnerability.

  • Regression Therapy Session - In this session Dr Tom Barber guides his client through a session of hypnotic regression so as explore her feelings of detachment. He uses the ‘Library’ regression method, enabling him to explore particular ages in his clients earlier life in a managed and structured way.

  • Past Life Regression - Experience a Past Life Transpersonal Therapy visualisation, which regresses you back to a past life experience. You can download the Session Script, and MP3 Audio version also for this session.

  • Exploring Limiting Beliefs Session - Dr Tom Barber explores in this session his client’s feelings of having to constantly ‘try harder’, which lead her to feeling fractious. Through working through her belief system he moves her closer to her ‘limiting beliefs’ in order to illuminate the connection to her childhood experiences and her adult thought patterns and processes.

  • The Blog Bank - the entire collection of Tom and Sandra's blogs, all in one place.

You will have lifetime access to over 6.5 hours of video sessions (and growing) in this course, and as the sessions are also contained on our servers you will not need to download any files, or have any space taken up by DVDs.

Included also are instructional PowerPoint slides, verbatim text versions of the videos so you can refer to them in your work with clients, as well as many Audio files so that you can listen to the techniques.
More resources and bonuses are constantly being added.

You can take as much time as you want to study each approach and technique in your own time through your Personal Online Member’s portal on either your computer, tablet or phone (all platforms included such as iPhone and Android, etc.)

"I have found the resource hub extremely inspirational and energising. I have been running my own practice for some time now and the various modules brought me and still bring me lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies. I have attended many courses in the past and the quality of this content is exceptional. This has certainly been one of my most productive investments." - Valerie Queyrel - Counsellor, Coach & Hypnotherapist

“‘The Hub’ is my life-line! It helps me so much to remind myself of the different approaches before I go into a session. I really don’t know what I would do without it.” - Nicole Plattner – Integrative Psychotherapist

"A big thank you for producing 'The Hub'. As far as I am concerned it is a must have educational resource. Tom and Sandra have generously shared their knowledge and experience in the therapy room covering a range of approaches. The techniques demonstrated provide a quality and depth that have enhanced and added to my skills. I can also confidently access 'The Hub' whenever and wherever I want to!"  - Sharon Carley - Integrative Hypnotherapist

For 'true in-depth' learning, the Hub 
really will make a difference with your understanding of therapy, and how to implement the ideas within each approach.

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Intended Audience: Hypnotherapists, Counsellors, NLP Practitioners, Life Coaches, Psychologists, Psychotherapists

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Masterclass Presentation Slides
Masterclass: Introduction - Why Analytical Work?
Masterclass: Drawing as a Opening Exercise
Masterclass: Using Free Association
Masterclass: Guided Imagery and Analysis with Audio Visualisation
Masterclass: Regression and the Hypnotic Process
Masterclass: Analytical Hypnotherapy
Masterclass: Parts Therapy
Masterclass: Inner Child Therapy
Masterclass: Internal Family Systems
Masterclass: Integrating Parts Approaches 1
Masterclass: Integrating Parts Approaches 2
Masterclass: Integrating Parts Approaches 3
Analytical Hypnotherapy Presentation
Hypnoanalysis Presentation
Inner Child Therapy Presentation
Regression Therapy Presentation
Age Progression Therapy
Analytical Hypnohealing
Using Hypnoanalysis Effectively 1
Using Hypnoanalysis Effectively 2
Regression Therapy
Regression Visualisation for Past Life Embodiment
Exploring Limiting Beliefs
Hypnoanalysis Session 1
Hypnoanalysis Session 2
Limiting Beliefs Session
Hope: ​Finding Hope After a Trauma
Trust: ​What Happens When the Trust Has Gone?
Love: Have You Ever Truly Madly Fallen In Love?
Guilt: Why You Feel Guilt, and What to Do with it!
Weight: The Inner Battle of Losing Weight
Pain: How to Overcome Pain Through the Power of Your Mind!
Public Speaking: How to Overcome the Public Speaking Monster
Trauma: Why Do You Freeze in a Trauma or Dangerous Event?
Anger Management: Have You Ever Been SO Angry You Lost Your Mind!?
Happiness: Do You Need an Injection of Happiness and Joy?
Book - The Midas Touch: The World's Leading Experts Reveal Their Top Secrets to Winning Big in Business & Life
Book - The Authorities: Powerful Wisdom from Leaders in the Field

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