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The Complete Therapy Resource Hub

Deepen your knowledge and skills in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Imagery, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Coaching and more.


Contemporary College

Overcoming Trauma & PTSD

Gain deeper understanding and methods to help adults and children deal with trauma and PTSD in this packed course.


Contemporary College

The Inner Child and Analytical Hypnotherapy Hub

Deepen your knowledge and skills in Inner Child Therapy and Analytical Hypnotherapy


Contemporary College

Past Life Transpersonal Therapy

Learn How Past Life Transpersonal Therapy Can Help You Discover Who You Are, Why You’re Here and What Your Purpose Is.


Contemporary College

The Hypnosis Resource Hub

Deepen your knowledge and skills in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Powerful Conditioning Methods.


Contemporary College

Smashing Your Glass Ceiling Audio Course

Sandra Westland's audio course will awaken your creative potential for change and help you create the future you dream of.


Contemporary College

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Dr Tom Barber

Founder and Instructor

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Dr Sandra Westland

Founder and Instructor

The instructors at CCTS have nearing 40 years of experience across the world teaching psychotherapeutic skills, methods and techniques to students of varying levels of proficiency. You will learn their most effective approaches through our combined video, audio and text lessons to help you improve your effectiveness, competence, and confidence in your work so that you can achieve the changes desired through your expert interventions.

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